Barbara Stanczak

Sculpture In Stone and Wood


© Barbara Stanczak 2016-2017.

Barbara Stanczak contemplating her work.

Artist Statement

I take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. My sculptures are an expression of gratitude, a search for parallel, tangible, formal experiences that can be shared with others.

I use mainly nature-made materials, materials that have the history of the earth and the story of their lifecycle imprinted in its veins and textures. These guide me to reveal their secrets through evocative form choices and the elimination of the unessential material for the sake of the essential spirit. I attempt to wed the material's nature to an idea, filtering it through my temperament and vision of totality.

I sculpt light and emptiness. Whenever possible, I penetrate a rock or tree trunk. Not to subdue it, but to open it up. Open for eyes to walk through, traverse, wonder, imagine, remember, touch... and understand.