Barbara Stanczak

Sculpture In Stone and Wood


© Barbara Stanczak 2016-2017.



Judson Smart Living Award for contributing for 35 years of Education in University Circle


The Cleveland Institute of Art Viktor Schreckengost Award for Excellence in Teaching

Creative & Commercial Involvements

1974 – 2009

Curator of 37 shows for Julian Stanczak's Solo Exhibitions

1978 – 79

Designed interior living quarters for the Volkswagen Travel Van "Westfalia" and Mercedes Camper "Sven Hedin" for German firm.

1992 – 93

Designed and produced the print/poetry limited edition portfolio: Color/Color, with 20 images printed with inks suspended in wax, translations of Julian Stanczak's paintings. Poem by Harry Rand, Curator Museum of American Art, Washington, DC.

1997 – 98

Curated, designed and published the book: Julian Stanczak, Retrospective 1948 – 1998.


Directed and edited the video: Julian Stanczak and Op Art, The Perceptive Eye


Directed and edited a 6 hour research video on Julian Stanczak.


Directed and edited Julian Stanczak: Symphony in Color, Cleveland Institute of Art 50 Year Retrospective set to commissioned Lumina composition by Jay Allen Yim

Directed and edited video:Julian Stanczak: Artistic Process