Barbara Stanczak

Sculpture In Stone and Wood


© Barbara Stanczak 2016-2017.


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Sun Dance

Sun Dance

Stone, 28x12x20

My son bought me this large thin plane of Italian translucent alabaster. It was precious to me, but as I cleaned the surfaces, I saw that it had been knocked around a lot. Every knock leaves a bruise, discoloring the translucent stone with an opaque whiteness 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep and wide. To keep the stone translucent these bruises had to be dug out or integrated somehow into an overall design of depressed forms or elevated lines.

On one side of the alabaster, I organized the bruises/depressions into a flowing, geometric design, while the other side is an instinctive reaction to the blemishes and the dance of light through the thin pane of alabaster.

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